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Hunter Root

Vocals / Guitar

Jason Shearer

Bass / Backup Vocals

Wynton Huddle

Vocals / Guitar

Alex Aument



Medusa’s Disco is a very peculiar high energy Psychedelic Rock group from Lancaster, Pennsylvania that has been captivating audiences all around the United States for 5 years. Within this time, the band has released three full length albums and two EPs. They have played in front of 10,000 intoxicated people in Philadelphia, toured up and down the East Coast and out to Texas for SXSW, performed nude at a vampires clothing optional party (well MOST of the band was nude at least…), and many more odds and sods, leaving deep and memorable impressions in their wake. 

Fusing together elements of psychedelic/stoner, indie, progressive rock and even some jazz nuances, Medusa’s Disco merges classic and newer rock influences; everything from Led Zeppelin to Primus to Queens of the Stone Age.
Their live show is certainly a feast for the eyes. Standing center stage is Wynton Huddle, sometimes wearing horns, sometimes a top hat, sometimes covered in fake blood, sometimes real blood. His shattering, powerful vocals and engaging stage presence can quickly reel any audience in, as if he were a pro fisherman going in for his greatest catch. Next is Hunter Root, giving the appearance of an angel you met on a bad acid trip, decked in psychedelic attire, and vocals with unique flair and shake unlike any voice you can compare to. Watching his curly golden hair fly while he wails his guitar is like the greatest spaghetti meal you’ve never eaten. Alex Aument on the drums provides a thunderous and tastefully placed uproar. It is not every day one comes across a drummer with this much passion and energy incorporated in every hit, like every strike he places will be his last. His dynamics and unique time signatures only prove to get better with age, like that unlabeled bottle of whiskey in your father’s basement. Completing the rhythm section is Jason Shearer on the bass. Despite being the freshest meat of the band, he is more like a salivating dog, eager with anticipation to take huge bites out of these meaty tunes, and give them a whole new vibe; all while effortlessly adding just the right harmonies to complete the trifecta of this bands strange choir.

The band is Hell-Bent on making sure Rock n’ Roll is here to stay.